Villas & Hotels – Real Estate photography by Alex photos

Alexandre Julien is a french Photographer based in saint martin / Sint maarten specialized in real estate photography . using canon D5 mark 4 , canon serial L lens, studio light , drone .. 1 year since Hurricane Irma came to destroy a big part of our beautiful Sint maarten Island ... Some Hotels and Villas are rebuilt already but not all of them for many raisons .. For some owners , it's time to take new photographs showing the new style, fournitures ...

Glamour & Boudoir photo session – sxm – sint maarten- Alexphotos

looking for a Photographer in Sint Maarten, Saint Martin ? Artistic, glamour, boudoir .. are part of my art and my passion. Whether for a portfolio or just for fun, a photo session made early in the morning or durnat a sunset is always a magical sharing. show the best of the model, the best angle, the deep personality of the spirit .. I am often booked for 1 hour but for a real artistic work most often session take half a full day .. I work in post production images that my clients like the most and give the best memory ever or a great portfolio for futur pro model .. to book your glamour, boudoir ... photo session from USA , canada , just email to Alexandre JULIEN Sint Maarten/ Saint Martin